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To Stay Healthy

You want your family

You would absolutely love it if you are in touch with a professional who keeps you updated about your family’s health and upkeep

You’d like to have the peace of mind that your family will get the best medical advice, guidance and check-ups easily and seamlessly

There’s only one problem!

To achieve those things, you need to hire a professional medial support team.. And typically, that means you need the help of good doctors.

Best Doctors

But it is not feasible for you to connect with all the best doctors in the town, who are who specialised in their fields


You don’t know how to expect these doctors and their team to provide the needed customer service to your family

Medical support

As a result, your family suffers when their is a routine medical

requirement or there is a medical urgency


you’re left with only a few Options

Rudimentary customer support

Be in contact with the best doctors in the town, even though they don’t provide the rudimentary customer support


Run from pillar to post

Invest countless hours of time learning learning about the best doctors and run from pillar to post to get the appointments.


Apollo Clinic,


Understands that you feel helpless when your loved one needs medical help, but you cannot reach out to someone you can trust.


…And that is why your family will experience unmatched service quality at Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur.

…As a result, numerous satisfied patients and their families vouch for our high service standards.

The results were phenomenal

Many families in the close vicinity of Narendrapur, banks of the medical services from
Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur

Exprienced Doctors

You get all the top experienced doctors across

specialisations at one place

Medical Equipment

It is a great relief to have access to the latest medical equipment. Your family health issues are addressed immediately

Peace of Mind

You get complete peace of mind because your family is under the guidance & supervision of the best doctors

Health Check-up

You can have the best in class routine health check-up of your family


Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur

With Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur, you can avail a host of Medical Services.

Consultations: General Medicine, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Dermatology, ENT Diagnostics: Laboratory, X-Ray, ECG, TMT, Genetic

Screening Tests Health Checks: Apollo Health Check, Apollo Heart Check, Apollo Whole Body Check, Apollo Master Health Check, Apollo Executive

Health Check Speciality Clinics: Diabetes, Allergy & Asthma, Menstrual Health, Arthritis, Blood Pressure.




More importantly,
Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur will:

Give you the peace of mind. You care for your family’s health and that is why Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur does everything to give you the peace of mind

put and end to your worries.

Care for your family as if you are close to them even when you are far away from them.

Take care your family’s health related issues with ease. It will eleminate the tedious task of reaching out to different doctors and get the medical tests done from different place.


Book an Appointment today



What it would be like to…

go to a professionally managed & 100% hygienically maintained clinic that feels more like a happy destination rather than a negative place like a run of the mill

pay standardised, consolidated single bill on your visit rather than keep on paying doctors separately and diagnostic centres separately for each visit

to get the dashboard or report of your health improvement at frequent intervals

…visit a clinic where your kids love to spend time & not feel irritated to wait with your family in a clinic

…get regular education & awareness guidance

& tips on the health problems



You can continue to do the same thing you’ve been doing

  • …searching for the doctors,

  • …getting the appointments,

  • …getting your family to reach out to them,

  • …run from pillar to post to get medical tests done from different places


You can visit Apollo Clinic, Narendrapur and be relieved from all of your worries.

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